Third + Bond

As we have grown, Hudson’s business has diversified. Hudson continues to build market-rate buildings, with both rental and for sale units. Hudson remains active in affordable homeownership and affordable rental development, with several new projects in the pipeline. We also continue to produce rental and for-sale housing for faculty and staff of medical and educational institutions. More recently, we have completed a new dormitory for undergraduates. Our affiliated property management company, Lisa Management, has grown alongside us to manage many of our completed projects as well as other properties.

Over the years, Hudson has developed particular expertise in a number of areas. In addition to new construction, Hudson has completed several gut rehabilitations of new developments as well as renovations for conversion to ownership housing. Hudson has partnered with government to complete a number of large-scale redevelopment projects. Hudson has also partnered with private property owners on successful joint venture projects, and has intervened to assist distressed cooperative buildings to restructure their finances and address physical issues. Hudson has developed substantial experience incorporating greener and more energy efficient design features in our buildings, constructing all of our new projects to the standards of Energy Star, LEED, and/or Enterprise’s Green Communities.

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